Who are all these people – and what are we all doing in this handbasket….


Well it’s just me, really.

And we are all here if we are not all there


This blog is more for me to work on my writing (the great American novel is somewhere in my head..) and if you happen upon this site, read a few posts and feel the urge to comment please do so – 


Look, I update this as much as I can – I do have a day job, a family, chores and responsibilities.

I can’t believe I have had this site since 2014 and haven’t really done anything with it at all.


I live in Southeastern Arizona, but I travel All.The.Time. – I will update posts with location so you can keep track, maybe.


“Suburban Witch” – well, I am one.

Solitary practice for many years, and while my attention to my craft waxes and wanes, it’s always there – so why? Because.

I suppose my macro location I should be more of a desert witch or a saguaro forest witch or a snooty, California wanna be living in Scottsdale witch.


WordPress, the best thing to happen to writers since the keyboard.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look, and ya’ll come back soon.

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